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History of Mendocino Health Records Exchange

Mendocino SHARE Project
Clinical Messaging Service
Connecting for Health RLS Demonstration
Connecting for Health NHIN Prototype
NHIN Trial Implemetations


Mendocino Health Records Exchange (HRE) was a proof of concept software demonstration project built with open source software. The demonstration software was based on the Technical Roadmap and the Common Framework published by Connecting for Health. The three phases of the project were:

  1.   Mendocino SHARE Project   [ 2003 - 2005 ]

  2.   Connecting for Health Record Locator Service   [ 2005 - 2006 ]

  3.   Connecting for Health NHIN Prototype Architecture   [ 2005 - 2007 ]

The Mendocino HRE tasks for the NHIN Prototype Architecture project were completed in January 2007.



Mendocino SHARE   2003 - 2005
Formed in 2003 by local hospitals, safety net clinics and Public Health, the Mendocino SHARE Project developed OpenHRE, an open source software toolkit.   A community Master Patient Index (MPI) was built, which demonstrated the secure sharing of electronic health records among participating sites. In 2005 the project partners halted further development of the Health Records Exchange.

Mendocino SHARE was funded by a grant from HRSA (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)



Clinical Messaging Service   2004 - present
In November 2004, Carl Henning, M.D., and Will Ross presented a proposal to form a local clinical messaging service to the Medical Staff Meeting at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. Initially proposed under the "Mendocino HRE" banner, six months later Redwood MedNet was formed as a new local nonprofit organization. Redwood MedNet now operates a clinical messaging service.

Redwood MedNet was initially funded by a grant from the Foundation for Medical Care of Lake and Menocino Counties



Connecting for Health RLS Demonstration   2005 - 2006
Mendocino HRE was one of three sites to demonstrate the Record Locator Service (RLS) prototype for Connecting for Health.   The other two sites were Indiana HIE and Massachusetts SHARE.

The RLS Demonstration was funded by a grant from the Markle Foundation and the Tides Center



Connecting for Health NHIN Prototype   2005 - 2007
Mendocino HRE was one of twelve local health markets in contracts awarded in November 2005 by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) to demonstrate a prototype Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). Mendocino HRE was on the Connecting for Health NHIN Prototype team, along with Massachusetts SHARE and Indiana HIE. The federal contractor for the Connecting for Health prototype was CSC. Each of the twelve local health markets participated on a prototype team coordinated by a federal contractor.

    1   Eastern Kentucky RHC
    2   CareSpark (Tennessee & Virginia)
    3   West Virginia eHI

  CSC / Connecting for Health
    4   Massachusetts SHARE
    5   Indiana HIE
    6   Mendocino HRE (California)

    7   Taconic HIN (New York)
    8   North Carolina HICA (Research Triangle)
    9   North Carolina HICA (Rockingham)

  Northrop Grumman
    10   Santa Cruz RHIO (California)
    11   Quality Health Network (Grand Junction, Colorado)
    12   University Hospitals Health System (Cleveland)

The four federal contractors demonstrated their final prototypes at the Third NHIN Forum, held on January 25-26, 2007 in Washington, DC.

In May 2007 a Summary Report of the NHIN Prototype Architecture Contracts was released. The report details the common elements of the prototype architectures that will the focus of the next phase of the NHIN, known as the NHIN Trial Implementations.

The NHIN Prototype Architecture project was funded by a contract with the Office of the National Coordinator (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)



NHIN Trial Implementations
In October 2007 the Office of the National Coordinator awarded nine contracts for the NHIN Trial Implementations. Mendocino did not submit a proposal to participate, but our friends at Long Beach Network for Health (LBNH) were selected as one of the nine Trial Implementation sites. The LBNH technology plan was presented at the HIE Conference hosted by Redwood MedNet in Ukiah in July 2007.







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