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Mendocino SHARE Archive

The Mendocino SHARE project was launched in August 2003 in Mendocino County, California. This web page preserves the technology portion of the SHARE project as of September 2004, at the end of its first year of operations. This document archive from a project terminated long ago is maintained for purely historic reasons.

Mendocino SHARE
The Mendocino SHARE (Securing Health Access and Records Exchange) project was funded by a $1.7 million grant from the Bureau of Primary Health Care at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As originally planned, Mendocino SHARE was intended to improve health outcomes and reduce costs associated with caring for uninsured and underinsured chronic disease patients accessing multiple healthcare sites in Mendocino County. The SHARE project sought to accomplish these tasks through increased programmatic collaboration and the implementation of a virtual case management technology service.

During the first year the Mendocino SHARE technology team produced a novel open source software solution (OpenHRE) able to provision a community HIE service. The year culminated with an invited presentation of the OpenHRE software solution at HHS headquarters in Washington, DC. In theory the Year Two technology roadmap for the SHARE project called for the community MPI service (built in Year One with OpenHRE) to provide the basis for the development of a chronic disease case management tool. In practice, however, the original technology roadmap was not pursued.

During the second year of the SHARE project a majority vote of project participants redirected the remaining technology budget away from the OpenHRE architecture created during the first year of the project. This project scope change also eliminated the goal of a virtual case management system shared by the health care community. Instead, the technology funds were redistributed to selected project participants for site level technology projects.

Meanwhile, in July 2004, while the SHARE participants were standing down from the original project goals, local private practice physicians and public health staff (i.e., members of the local health market who were disenfranchised by the SHARE project scope change) launched a new HIE steering committee. Meeting monthly from July 2004, this new committee formed Redwood MedNet as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The SHARE project was terminated after the original HRSA grant funds were exhausted, while the local healthcare leaders of Redwood MedNet raised new funding to continue their pursuit of a community health information exchange service. Redwood MedNet now operates a rural HIE in the Mendocino region.

Mendocino SHARE Document Archive   [ 2003 - 2004 ]
Mendocino SHARE Project Abstract   October 29, 2003
Mendocino SHARE Project   Press Release, November 10, 2003
Mendocino SHARE Technology RFP-04-01,   February 25, 2004
    Cover Letter
    Full RFP 04-01
ARCH to Build Health Record Exchange   Press Release, July 12, 2004
ARCH Presents Mendocino SHARE at HHS Headquarters
    OpenHRE Presentation at HHS, August 5, 2004   (pdf)

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